Inktober Day 31 - Fingers To The Bone

November 1, 2014

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Inktober has been a fun experience. I had not done one before, and certainly not 31 days of it. I was on sketch dailies for a while and even that I did not do more than maybe a week or two. This was a lot of fun. It reminded me to draw everyday, just sit down and draw SOMETHING, even if it was hardly anything. It allowed me to just sit down have a moment to draw for myself and myself alone, and explore everything from original concepts I think up on the spot to new portrayals of existing original characters. Ending on Halloween, I thought this idea of dying at ones desk doing what they do best, working their artistic fingers to the bone, would be a great way to end it. Sitting down and drawing, 24-7 lifestyle. A form of discipline you spend your whole life practicing and learning at.
This was drawn in Inkscape with layers and blacks and whites and orange shades with Wacom Intuos 2 tablet and stuff n stuff. Just like you see the skeleton doing actualy. I have mine propped up on a table-top drawing board.
Heres to next year! But this will not be the end of my warmups. if anything, it helped get me in a habit to keep warmup sketches coming.
Check out the rest of the Inktober2014 pieces at the website! And see you in November!

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