TMNTurkeys On Display on Deviant Art

November 3, 2014's officially November, so I'm happy to announce that all the Thanksgiving Marauding Ninja Turkey pieces from 2005 to current are on display over on the Eryck Webb Graphics deviant art page! Hop on over and check them all out.
Since 2005, every year I do my own little homage to the heroes in green I grew up with and been a fan of my whole life. I don't remember how it came about or where it started but somehow I was doing a thanksgiving commemorative piece, and had some turkeys that eventually ended up representing each turtle, and then I came up with a different meaning for TMNT and this homage was born. The weapons and initials and the general attitude is where it ends though. The rest is about turkeys avenging their fallen kind in the name of feasting and giving thanks!
Through 2011 I just sort of jotted down some turkeys with no real purposeful design and they were fairly generic and uninteresting. Come 2012 I sat down and created a wholly original design for the turkeys that was used again in 2013 and will again in 2014.
Enjoy checking out the gallery on Deviant Art and let me know your thoughts!
Have a great November! Looking forward to family and Thanksgiving but got tons to do before then!

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