Drawing a Chibi on Galaxy Note 10 and Streaming

February 5, 2015

#sith #chibi #samsunggalaxynote #sketchbookmobile #sketchbookpro #spen #comic #commission

Tried something different for a few minutes while waiting for the LiveSketchNight Recap video to render and upload, ironicly, recorded another video. I enjoyed drawing/ streaming this way, though it WAS my first attempt so its not perfect. I will adjust the clarity/ lighting a bit for next time. Maybe a fun new way to do a stream on occassion. Or just stream while I draw to draw. In this case was working on a chibi order for Ecto with the mascot of his youtube channel 'Containment Gaming' in a diabolical starwars old republic sith role. Fun stuff. What do you think of streaming me drawing this way as opposed to doing it desktop-view?

Sound off below! Thanks for checking this out!

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