Captain Collider Client Commission

February 9, 2015

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Finished commission of client's OC 'Captain Collider' paying homage to some Superman pose goodness. Was fun and my fav part was a chance to play with this direct lighting and the 'shadow' effects. Really happy with this one and hope the client will be too!

Part of a couple things I got done this morning before heading to Pittsburgh for my wifey's oncology checkup today! I'm sure everything will pass with flying colors but doesn't hurt if ya'll send us extra prayers, vibes and happy thoughts of kittens!

Work will resume per normal tomorrow. Will get some work done on my tablet at the hospital if I have the opportunity. 
Wish us luck! And thanks for checking out this piece, be sure to head over to the 'Art Gallery' on the menu at right for all the latest in best client, personal pieces and sketchbook posts!

*update*: She passed with fly in colors. Perfect doc appointment woo woo.

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