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February 10, 2015

New cover art from the new project, for the potential 'Chapter 7' - a story to be unlocked when the kickstarter reaches 15,000

One of my favorite panels from the first graphic novel story

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Excited to announce Eryck Webb / Eryck Webb Graphics is in the early stages of working on the new Ungrounded project! In 2013 EWG had the privilege of working with writer/creator Patrick Gerard on the first Ungrounded graphic novel and this sequel project looks to blow that one out of the water! The new stories have some top-tier writers working on them, and I have the privilege (again) to return and lend my art to those new adventures. I feel I've grown a lot since this first book, so I aim to make that shine through in the new one! Go support the new  Ungrounded  Kickstarter today! I really want to draw that 15,000 stretch goal story. Ungrounded style post-apocalyptic mayhem!? Awesome! Help spread the word, contribute to the kickstarter or just share it everywhere you can to help get the word out. That in itself is a massive help!

Head over to the Ungrounded kickstarter, throw down some cabbage, get some loot!

Go support the Kickstarter for this sequel Ungrounded project here: http://kck.st/1z37ocQ

Read the original  Ungrounded graphic novel from Amazon in print and digital here:  http://www.amazon.com/Ungrounded-Patrick-Gerard/dp/0989575918

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