Major Freakshow - Warmup 2-10-15

February 10, 2015

#sketch #warmup #sketchbook #samsunggalaxynote10 #tabletart #ungrounded

This week's theme when I get the opportunity to indulge in a 30 min or less warmup, is drawing favorite characters from series I work on. Today, in excitement and honor of the new Ungrounded project starting up on Kickstarter and the fact that I'm working/ have worked on a piece or two already, I thought I'd lay down my new design for Major Freakshow - some 'Thoth'-ish armor, a new haircut and kickass as always.

Sketchbook Mobile on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition with S Pen (in ballpoint pane casing) about 30 minutes! Really love drawing on that thing. Makes drawing fun again. Its like drawing on paper with pencils and pens but theres undos and layers woo woo

Off to a short list of must completes today! One, appropriately enough, is for Ungrounded :)

SUPPORT the Kickstarter for the new sequel project, happening now here:

Read the original  Ungrounded graphic novel from Amazon in print and digital here:

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