2015 Pot O Gold Hunt has ENDED

March 17, 2015

Thanks to everyone who helped make the first EWG Pot Of Gold Hunt a success! A handful of lucky golddiggers found the pot of gold hidden on the site. The clue was 'take a Journey to the end of the rainbow' ... and the pot was hidden at the end of the EWG 5 Year Journey series of posts. To those who figured that out, you will be enjoying a 1/3rd cost chibi commission of your request in full inked and colored glory. 

This completes the hunt! Those who participated and didn't find the pot, and those who did especially please reply in the comments below of your experience and feedback on ways to improve it or what you liked about it for next year. 

Have a good one! And the second annual Easter Egg Hunt will be happening on Easter so get ready for that. Stay tuned to find out what the prize will be for that.

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