Leprechaun Man - Morning Warmup

March 17, 2015

Leprechaun Man - the larger than man sized Leprechaun with the four leaf clover axe

Just a shot of the verticle monitor canvas i was working on

The 1st Annual EWG Pot O' Gold Hunt is still under way till end of today! Find the Pot of Gold hidden somewhere on this site and get a $15 inked full color chibi of your choice. (Cause chibis are leprechaun-like) - have at it! Read this post for more information!

This morning's St Patty's inspired warmup sketch is in the vein of ol' masters like John Buscema and Jack Kirby and Joe Kubert with the loose sketchwork with heavy line strokes and light defining and textures. I turned the monitor/ tablet verticle to do this one as you can see on the second image. Fun working that way but sometimes not able to do it all the time. turns the monitor into a big verticle tablet to draw on though. now if i could draw directly on it that'd be the shiz. So.... might get a digitizer monitor in the future via the ol' business funds. For now though this wacom suits me just fine. Anywho, a big honkin tough man take on a leprechaun. Just try gettin his pot of gold, he dares ya!

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