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March 31, 2015 
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Been a while since I posted an article in the 'Reference' section, reserved for business related topics and motivational posts. This one definitely is worth sharing.

I have slowly been getting used to my new environment, and work area. But a week off concentrating soley on moving and relocating, packing up my previous life and moving to a new one, really takes you away from where you were both physicaly and mentally. Its been a LONG time since I've gone 5 or more days without drawing a single thing, and it took its toll. When you dont practice every day, you break the habit. When you break the habit, some of your muscle memory goes away and its harder to get in that 'zone'. 

That being said a couple hours of solid drawing, inking, graphics work will fix this, and perhaps by the end of the week I'll be back to normal. But sometimes, you need some inspiration, that feeling of a sudden surge of 'yeah i wanna go do that'. 

All morning I was searching the word 'motivational' on youtube and other things. And yeah there was some killer ones about keep moving forward even if you get knocked down, or staying hungary, or excuses. Yada yada. But then I got some coffee (which always helps) and some breakfast, and then was watching a local news program I really like called 'Pittsburgh Today Live' - and they had a segment about a guy who followed his dreams and pursued juggling as a career. 

But after watching a few minutes, I realized it wasn't just about him being a juggler, his overall message was about following your dreams, doing what you really enjoy for a living and parts that i thought were really good were when he talked about taking that first step. He emphasized his moto which was L. I. F. E. Which stood for Learn (learn all the skills you can) Initiate (figure out how to get started, take the first step) F for Flexible (keep flexible, it will not be an even consistent path, changes and unexpected detours will happen!) and E for Enjoy Everything (you should enjoy everything about the challenge, the journey the experience its not just about where your trying to get to its also about the daily experiences - your doing this cause you enjoy doing this)

Inspiring stuff. It was just the segment I needed to see this morning. Inspiring guy for sure. Click the image or any of the links to go watch the video on the CBS Pittsburgh site!

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