EWG 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt

April 4, 2015

This Event has ended 4/6/16 11amEST! Congrats to the 5 winners and the discounts they have claimed!
The hunt has begun! 
As of 12:30am 4/4/15
That wascally wabbit was skipping along and dumped six eggs from his basket. This is a good thing! For every egg you find, you get 5% off a future commission! Just email eryckwebb3@yahoo.com with the color of the egg and the title of the post it was under and you'll be recorded in our records for 5% per egg you find, to use on any future commission! So if you find all six, you get 30% off your next order. They're sure to be in difficult locations! But as a general rule are not ridiculously too deep on the site. Goodluck!

The rules:
☺Take screenshot of egg in its location and email it, or just list the color and title of post its hidden in.
☺Must use the discount by January of 2016.
☺Must use accumulation together, no breaking it up.
☺No helping others!
☺This special discount event runs until Noon on Monday 4/6/15!

Happy Hunting!

Tip: All the eggs can be found from links starting from the front page of the site.

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