Week End Update 4-3-15

April 3, 2015

Slinging his basket like that,
doesn't he worry about losing
his eggs?
Well it went by fast, but I got the tight deadlines done on time. There is still a boat load of catching up to do. That being said I'm spending the last hour or so today getting this little update together and then mapping out the production for next week so I can hit the ground running. No more fooling around! Not that I have been. But def time to get back on that ball. Wherever it rolled to. The weekly comic work always comes first, just cause its the most difficult, then the graphic design work, then the character art. Thanks so much to those who have been so patient. I admittedly lost a lot of time working to get our house ready, moving in, and before all that just doing the whole house hunting game. But here at the end of this week I feel like I'm closing the gap. Once I have it well closed up, you will see return of live sketch-nights, maybe even daily slots, who knows, maybe a special or two and will be getting back to my web-comic endeavors. Missing working on my own stuff. Till then, just bare with me, as I whittle away at the waiting list. NO ORDERS ARE on back burners, just waiting for their number to get called on the ol' production chain.

Alright, so that's stuff you all already know. What you may NOT know, is  this weekend is Easter Sunday, and I will be launching a weekend-long Easter hunt tonight at midnight it will go live. and end midnight on Easter Sunday, or Monday morning if I'm less ambitious. You heard it here first. There will be Easter eggs 'lost' around the website that the Easter bunny dumped out of his basket by accident ( look how he runs slinging them all over the place... sheesh!) and opportunities for savings and special offers are found in each egg you find. Potentially you could find more than one get lots of deals. Or just find one and be happy with that. Whatever you want to do. You heard it here first in this release. There will be a post on Midnight initiating the Easter egg hunt. Will be same drill as before. When you find it, take a screenshot and attach/ email it to EWG to claim the prize. Difference this time? There will be several hidden eggs to find. But they will difficult to find. Stay tuned girls and boys!

The hunt begins around midnight! Have a great weekend!

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