TFCC Magazine: 'Another Light' page work

July 17, 2015

Another Light: Distant Fissures - Pg 9 

Another Light: Memorie's Splinter - Pg13

Another Light: Memorie's Splinter - pg15

Saw a couple of these pages Evan posted up so thought I'd share a couple of the same pages for the EWG crowd, especially those that may never see them cause they don't subscribe to the Transformers Collectors Club magazine! So here they are, playing off a shattered glass parallel to the 1986 transformers movie scene in the last two pages there! These are from my run on the TFCC comic story for 2015 'Another Light'. A crazy cool story arc in the shattered glass universe touching on all aspects of the Transformers franchise, and very priveleged to be a part of. Enjoy! When its over there will be 40 pages of artwork in total so will try and post some more up eventualy! But this is just a glimpse at whats goin on in that end of the EWG spectrum :) As always any comments/ questions can be directed below!

Another Light pages depicted here were featured in Hasbro Transformers Collectors' Club issue 61 and 62!

Pencils/Inks by Eryck Webb ( Eryck Webb Graphics ) 

Written by Jesse Wittenrich and Pete Sinclair

Colors (and letters on the printed version) by Evan 'ZeroMayhem' Gauntt!

Transformers (C) Takara Tomy/Hasbro

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