Inktober - Day 12 - Galaxy Chibi

October 12, 2015

#inktober2015 #inktober #digitalart #ink #sketch #inkscape #photoshop

From the chibi micro special I had over the weekend. This is the first order, out of about 5 or 6 I'm doing this week. Streamed and recorded the session while working on it. Penciled this chibi on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 while watching new Big Bang and Scorpion with the wife. Then came upstairs, fired up picarto and winamp and inked and colored this little lady. Recorded the video too will post it up on youtube eventually. While I have to do these chibis AND trying to maintain the Inktober discipline, I'm going to be combining them. Drawing chibis for Inktober then coloring them to finish them up for their respective client. Should be back to free-style Inktobers by end of the week. In which case I want to play with my personal characters designs and also some halloween stuff.

For me, whether its with ballpoint pen in a sketchbook, or illustrated with brush pen and alcohol markers on cardstock or done digitally on samsung tablet or on desktop... Inktober for me, is a purposeful commitment to doing one complete black and white drawing, whether it be digital ink or real-life ink, every day till the end of the month. That in itself, pushes improvement, experimentation, and fun. 

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