Happy New Year and 20 Chibis

December 30, 2016

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Hey campers! This week following christmas, I was determined to clear out the backlog before the new year. Didn't quite make it, but I did knock out inks on 20 chibis today! They will be sent over to Kristina for flatting and I'll have them shaded/ highlighted very soon! I had 8 to sketch out this morning and then put them with 12 others on a canvas and inked them all afternoon. Was a blast! Just rockin out and slinging inks! Its actually made me re-think my production method/ approach a bit come the new year. Maybe this form of mass production will help me with one of my new year resolutions! These were all done in Inkscape from sketch to finished inks. Will be colored soon!

Today is the final day of using !16 for my signature. Here is to 2017 and the new signature :) 2016 was a challenging year full of budding opportunity and personal growth, but there was a lot of crap in it that I could have done without or would like to return to the store so to speak. 
Heres to a clean slate, a new beginning and a new year! 

Some of my goals/ ambitions going into the new year:
- Get back on a webcomic of my own every week.
- Keep up with demand/ work loads! Work those late hours to make it happen!
-Live healthier
-Live happier
-Worry less
-Exercise more
-Sculpt more sculpts
-Fix up those little things that need fixed up around the house
-Take better care of our truck.

What are you striving to achieve or improve on in the new year?

Have an awesome and safe weekend and new year's eve and see everyone in 2017!


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