EWG and DRS Drawings From 1-2-17

January 2, 2017

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As of this post, all art sent! Happy New Year! 2017 is off to a rockin start. Great to be back doing Drawing Request Show again! Feeling refreshed and re focused after a long holiday! 5 of these were drawn as EWG commissions this morning, the rest were done during todays Drawing Request Show!
As we start the new year I'll be making tweaks along the way. But I think the improvements made over the holiday are already working very well. I may re-incorporate the VIP system in some form so that those above and beyond supporters really get there due while those who either won a small amount or barely support have to wait longer. Will see about that one...
There was a time when I first endeavored i this business I struggled to draw 5 finished pencil drawings a day, whether my own original art or commissioned art. Now I am drawing upwards of 10-15 a day equivalent. I'd say I've gotten faster/ better.
Look for the next Drawing Request Show stream Tuesday 2pmET and Tuesday night at 8pmET will be doing DRS Upgrade stream - this week I am slapping upgrade requests on a canvas and inking them all up and sending them out for coloring. Next week I[ll get the flats back and shade/ highlight them. That queue is going byebye!
And for now, Im going nite nite! See you at the next stream!

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