Drawing Request Show e143 Drawings Recap

January 12, 2017

@twitchcreates #creative #drawing

 Drew all these during todays stream totaling about 4 hours start to finish. Had some goals hit, bonus giveaway action, some fun gratitude spins and a lot of fun drawings. This marks a first attempt since I can remember at least this year of reincorporating inks and colors back into the stream. That way, theres no 'bah no time in the evening' or 'bah no time in the morning' - when an item comes up on the list in the stream, its just done. And i will work on them five days a week 3-4 hours a day one request at a time. So far I like it. I do find the INSTA ability is hindering some progress on the main list. well, no thats not accurate. Cause those who win it are usualy giveaway winners or picking items randomly from the list. But more so, I'd like to tweak some things as it goes. Good first run though. Drawn/ Inked in Inkscape colors in photoshop.

As of this post, all art sent via drop box links to email. if its not in your email check your twitch whisper. thanks guys! do it one more time tomorrow before ending for the week! then we'll continue next week. dats right.

Hope to see you at the next stream! Follow eryck webb's twitch channel at http://www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb and see you M-F at 2pmEt for the next stream!

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