Daily Discipline: Huffer G1 Transformers

January 13, 2017

#drawing #transformer #hasbro #huffer #g1 #80scartoons

Didnt get a chance to post this daily practice drawing from yesterday. Its Huffer from Transformers G1 - always liked the little guy although he was a whiny thing. A stand out moment was when Optimus was injured and he towed his trailer back to base for him. He was so much smaller haha. 

I thought his design was a bit odd with his rotating arms as one big solid column, i thought it'd be better if the smaller part actualy moved like a fore arm. other than that, heres huffer in G1 80s cartoon form! 

Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile app on Samsung Galaxy 10.1 2014 about 30 minutes.

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