Character Concept: Busker

January 13, 2017

#characterdesign #conceptart #cartoon #comic #monkey #busker #entertainer #adventure #robot

This little guy has sort of scratched around in my head lately after i randomly did a drawing that ended up looking like him a week or so ago. Here is the latest redesign as I tweak on details and such. I'm pretty happy with this though and think its very close to what I'll use in the future. As I think about this character and just draw him in different poses and depictions, his story just sort of tells itself to me. A street-entertainer monkey bot used to doing as his master commands to earn money from the patreons of the town they live. His master goes missing. He must learn to think for himself, and find his self worth if he is to successfully embark on his adventure to find his master. And in finding the one he is dependent on, finds his own independence....

Anyway thats the idea for now haha. Fun little guy to toy with for now. 

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