Character Concept: The Fearless Ninja

January 13, 2017

#fearless #ninja #characterdesign #concept #art #characterstudy #cartoon

And finaly my last personal drawing session from yesterday evening while watching TV with the better half. This is a character I dreamed up when I was a kid. 'The Fearless Ninja' ... a sort of slapstick strip-to-strip series where each episode he was trying to defeat a foe, or save the day or compete with a rival and he always fell short. But he is always fearless in his endeavors and never gives up!

While theres elements of this that are a nod to my look I used to draw him as when I was younger, I've been toying with different designs for a good year or two when I started getting the inclination to take him back off the o' life long shelf. Well I really found something I like here. Not the final by any means but pretty darn close. Look for more of this in the future. Hes one of those characters that knocks around in my head once and a while reminding me to do something with him some day. I got a couple of those...

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