Twitch Streaming: Saturday DRS Upgrades

January 21, 2017

#inks #colors #photoshop #inkscape #comicart #twitch #stream

Alright! This Saturday edition of DRS is a wrap! And all these pieces have been sent to their respective requesters! Upgrades are fun :) This officialy kicks off the new schedule! See you Monday for more! For more info on the new schedule please visit for the full listing. Basicly I'm making more of an effort to get Upgrades done. People are awesome for making requests much less upgrading their sketches for the full inks and colors, so they deserve to get them soon as they can! 

Thanks to everyone who came out made this kickoff of the new schedule a big success! Also in true Drawing Request Show fashion, congrats to the giveaway winners! Have a great rest of your weekend and see you Monday at 2pmET!

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