Drawing Request Show 186 Recap

March 17, 2017

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As of this post, these 3 pieces sent! I drew 5 characters total during todays St Patricks Day themed stream! Not bad considering we had a giveaway every hour via the Blarney Wheel created just for todays stream. Lots and lots of fun and sillyness. Its friday, its almost the weekend. And its been a long work week. So it made it even more like a party/ fun day when the Blarney wheel kept hitting the Game Of Fate EVERY time! Did Draw Race and gave away 45.00, did a round of Pictionary which was fun and the whole chat got to participate in that and gave away 20.00 and did Magic Touch and gave away 30.00, and then did a game that had never been hit before but it was so disfunctional that i think its going to be removed eventualy. And gave away 15.00 to a new face on the stream. Look forward to drawing for all of you and have a great weekend! See you guys Monday for the launch of a new feature on Drawing Request Show :) Things are about to get shaken up!

Miss the stream? Heres a highlight of the first Blarney Time giveaway! Thanks to all who came out made it fun. Was a hoot!
Hope to see you at the next live Drawing Request Show, every M-F 2pmET only at http://twitch.tv/eryckwebb

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