EW's Reviews: Iron Fist: Initial Thoughts

March 18, 2017

#ironfist #marvel #Netflix #kungfu #hatersgonnahate #hgh

Just finished episode two of Iron Fist on netflix. Ashamed at letting myself be discouraged for it by negative bigot troll reviews and commentary on internet.

Kung Fu? Check. Threat oh The Hand? Check. Super powered punch? Check. Interesting story? Check. Cool wandering monk with no shoes vibe? Check check. Looking forward to the rest of it. Enjoyed it very much so far. Its already more likeable with more energy than the slow plodding luke and jessica series. This had a solid couple kungfu moments in the first 10 minutes!

Will give full feed back after finishing the series with an open mind, and no expectations going forward. I encourage all to do the same.

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