Trying Out A Rubber Tip Vs Plastic Tip On My Wacom Intuos Pro ( 5 )

March 12, 2017

#intuos #wacom #tip #stylus The intuos pro ( intuos 5) comes with the wacom stylus 2nd gen, and the stand comes with a clip to change the tip and about 6-8 different tips. I tried out a more rubbery one and am digging the extra tactile sensation and friction. Don't know if anybody but me can tell from this test drawing but I am digging it, and excited to try it out this week for client work and on Drawing Request Show! Thing is while i have several plastic tips they only give you like 1 or 2 rubber tips. So, if it becomes a preferred thing I'll have to order more from somewhere some day lol. But thats 1000s of hours of drawing down the road. Wanted to post the chagne and I'll do a follow up here in the reference section about my experience with it and if i go back. While the plastic tips glide like drawing on a sheet of glass this one glides more like drawing on a sheet of paper with the slightest texture. Kinda neat. May allow more control. Will test drive this baby give a follow up end of the week!
Have a great week everybody. Spent most of Sunday minimalizing my work space, organizing putting things away and out of site. Is so relaxing to the brain to have a s little peripheral distraction as possible. Like a blank slate startubg fresg,

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