Samurai Jack Fan Art

March 10, 2017

#samuraijack #cartoonnetwork #hannabarbarea #aku #samurai #fanart #season5

Saw some fanart drawings by other artists on my facebook timeline this morning refering to the final season of samurai jack. Whether its come out yet or not I'm not sure, but it reminded me I used to love that show, and so it prompted me to do a warmup drawing of jack during today's Drawing Request Show - it was OK, but it was good enough to inspire me to finish it as a proper fanart. So tonight while hanging out listening to streamers on twitch tonight I tweaked the warmup drawing, then inked it then colored it. Only when I started taking away the overlying lineart did it start looking like a proper representation of the samurai jack style. Then i did some texture/ lighting filters and such and touched it up to get this final look. Fun stuff! Was really nice/ fun to do some personal art much less fan art of a character/ series I've always been a fan of. I had fun playing with the lineless style which is something i've always wanted to play more with. Enjoy! Hope to do more fanarts along these lines very soon!

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