Drawing Request Show e241 Recap

June 8, 2017

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As of this post all art sent! Check your whispers!! Thanks to those who bared with a particularly under-par stream on my part. Warm up was thwarted when the wacom driver completely crapped out to the point of having to stop the stream and uninstall and reinstall the wacom drivers including re-setting it up with all the functions exactly how i like it. Then had a visit from Stevie next door which on any day I really enjoy having him chilling drawing/ coloring in the big oversized paper tablet i have here for him. But he was distracting the hell out of me today with constant jibber jabber HAHAHA love the little guy but he was more interested in visiting than coloring quietly while i was drawing so if anybody is not happy with their drawings please let me know i'll happily redraw them. At times I turned off the mic cause he was just non stop talking lol. I will probably make sure not to have him up here during streams in the future i thought it'd work today but was a bad idea. Sorry for the 2 1/2 hour stream today. One of the things I love about streaming is you work on it offline, you think your ready to go. But when you hit 'Start Streaming' you have absolutely NO IDEA whats going to happen that day. From donation trains, follow trains, raids, giveaways, equipment crashes, stream labs or twitch not working ... you just NEVER know. Always keeps it interesting. My general goal each stream is to draw 7 character requests on average. Today wasn't too bad I did the equivalent of about 5. A rare low day. Considering it was only around 2.5 hour stream not toos habby mcstabby. See you all back 2pmEDT Friday for a proper Drawing Request Show with the goal to make up for today. Should the Game of Fate allow!
See you same drawing time same drawing channel, only at http://twitch.tv/eryckwebb

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