Daily Discipline: Thor vs Hulk Ragorok Chibis No Timer Saturday Stream for FunkyTurtle13

September 2, 2017

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Making a better effor to keep up the skill, and keep the muscle memory fresh over days off by drawing for around an hour each day. Today i streamed impromptu style and drew a chibi for FunkyTurtle of Thor vs Hulk from the Ragnorok movie coming out. ( Come out faster! ) Super fun and was very centering and relaxing to just take time and do it on a day off with no timer. 

Enjoy Funky turtle! This, with some goofing off a break in the middle and a relaxed pace in general ended up taking about 2 hours. Enjoy this clip below from working on it. And see you next week for more Drawing Request Show. I might try to do another stream/ practice drawing session tomorrow ( Sunday 9/3 ) towards evening to warmup for the coming work week. 

See you guys at the next live stream over at twitch.tv/eryckwebb

And now the clip! 

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