Daily Discipline: Tractor September - 01 Prize of the Fair

September 4, 2017

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Cesall was the prize of the Farmalls. Not to mention he won FIRST prize at the Canfield fair tractor show. Everyone knew they'd be hearing about it for the rest of the year. 

Doing a theme for this month... tis fair season, getting ready to be harvest season if it isnt already ( dont know how that works ) and one of my fav things to do when the family goes to the Canfield Fair is look at all the tractors at the antique tractors/ engines displays. So the theme this month is Tractors. Cause im on kind of a tractor kick. They inspire thoughts of tractor-esque robots, spaceships, and scifi motorocycles. So I'll be working with this muse when I do my day off practices to keep the skills up and the muscle memory fresh! I was going to try to do one each day this month but will do it close to it as possible. This is number 1. Hence the prize being 1st :) 

Next month I'll be doing quasi Inktober participation and doing my daily practice with a new theme perfect for october. But for now, enjoy the fair-esque tractoresque summertime muse of Tractors!

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