Best Of Request: Volume 2 Cover WIP

July 29, 2018

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Big thanks to everyone who came out to the impromptu 'cover' stream today. I was excited for finishing the interior pages late last night and decided to take some time and work on the cover today. I also thought it would be fun to stream it. 

First I had a couple options in mind for the cover art. I like to do what I did with Volume One, use an image from inside the book to finish in inks and colors for the cover. The chat helped me narrow it down to a final one. I had to go with this one which was originally an Eryck Webb Original Content for Leokage. I adjusted it slightly to work better for the cover and got it finished inked up. 

The image above was me testing it out on the cover and mocking up some colors. The title and cover type is not final. Nor are the colors. But you can now get an idea of which way the cover colors are going. 

Thanks to everyone who came out and I cant believe this beastie is almost done!!!
See you guys this week M-F for 10am-1pm EasternTime Drawing Request Show and Upgrades post DRS streams 3-5pm  EasternTime . Only on Twitch!

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