Best of Request Volume Two, Draft 2, is DONE!! 72818

July 28, 2018

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As of this post, the book is 100% built, written and draft 2 is finished. While draft one was the whole book build and design with all the images and content put in. Draft 2 is the version with all the copy and commentary added in as well. All 240+ pages of it. 250 pages of interior content total. So its off to the proof reading and perfecting for me and Kiwii and then off to the printers. Excited to launch this book and the presale very very soon!!! 

This one has been a monster compared to volume one. But offers a lot of beefier content and twice as many drawings as well. All in all I can confidently say it is several level-ups from the first one. But will look great sitting on a shelf next to the first one, and cost basicly the same. 

Its coming! Thanks to all who have encouraged me and shown interest in it and I have been working hard on it for the past several months and its ALMOST DONE.

Stay tuned! Heres a couple spoiler free pages to wet the ol' appetite! 

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