Drawing Request Show e621 Recap 72618

July 26, 2018

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As of this post, all art sent! We went back to basics today with Throwdown Thursday!!!! Streamed Drawing Request Show 10am-1 or 2 pm Eastern Time - then after a break and some lunch i came back and streamed a couple hours of 'Bonus Content' to cap off DRS episode 621! The bonus content was basicaly a production stream where folks could watch me working on upgrade inks and colors - the other end of the drawing requests - and I got 3 upgrade pieces done! Also for fun and cool down I did a final raffle for a 5 minute request piece and ExcideSC came in and sniped it so i drew a fun piece for him. 

All in all, feel like the sauce flowed well, and the groove is back. Sometimes, you just don't need to mess with what works. 
This afternoon saw support from two folks who will get gratitude spins tomorrow to possibly enhance their stream/ request experience... or at the very least thank them in an entertaining way. I believe we also unlocked a drawing request giveaway for tomorrow as well so thats gonna happen.

See you guys back 10amET for more Drawing Request Show and likely more upgrade action tomorrow afternoon!

Same Drawing time, same Drawing channel! Thats a wrap for today. Time to go make some spaghetti! ( mmmmm ) *cough* i mean PB n Js! ;)

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