EW Twitch Stream Recap 7218

July 3, 2018

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As of this post, all art sent and master-list updated! Thanks to all who hung out Monday afternoon for Drawing Request Show. That morning had been plagued with technical difficulties ranging from my wacom driver to my mouse, my webcam and everything in between. But I somehow managed to pull it together by 2pmET for some Drawing Request action. 
It was fairly quiet as was expected. This is the week for vacations, 4th of july celebrations and other summer thingies. So maybe this will be a good time of year to work on that backlog and whittle away at the list of regular donated requests. Anythings possible.
I made up for not getting any upgrades done Monday morning by pulling a late night Monday night. Jumping back and forth between sitting and when I got sleepy going into stand up mode, I got to work on some rush orders for request clients. Strategically Kristina has been flatting these rush orders since I got them. And I was able to fly through them all Monday night and knock them out. So in total I finished 7 one week rush orders and one 3 week order a day before it was technically due. Though I have no doubt both folks would be very kind and patient with it being a bit passed the promised due date, its my intent to get it done AHEAD of that date. Always. Somebody is supportive enough to throw big ticket priority tokens on their orders, I will do my best to knock them out every time.
Thank you to Merc Raider and Trayde for your support!
And to everyone who made it out for today's Drawing Request Show and put down for some request action. Ill see the crew back out 2pmET this afternoon for another Drawing Request Show!

Same Drawing Time ( 2pmET ) same Drawing channel ( twitch.tv/eryckwebb ) 

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