Stream Notes: Halloween On Twitch 103118

October 31, 2018

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Had a super fun Halloween stream today, the hat sort of took over and enveloped my head and turned into a sort of jack o lantern. I can't get it off even as I type this. Hopefully after trick or treating, or perhaps tomorrow morning, it will revert and I will be free. But till then, it makes for a fun Halloween! We did a normal stream it just had an all around Hallowed theme and vibe, and we drew a lot of fun requests, several of which were great for Halloween. I rocked some Halloween tune classics as well as my collection of more 'evil-esque' metal and of course... lots of dance with the dead. 

Here's a few screen shots. I can't believe this month is over! Its been a wild ride, both with the month long Halloween themes and the Inktober challenge every day. But happy to put a cap stone on all of that and now focus on November.

As announced on stream today, November is all about thanks giving, and gratitude for the good things, and the lessons learned from the bad things in the previous year. As we head into the holidays and wrapping up the year, I want to take this month to thank all my supporters and clients and fans by putting a very big focus on Upgrades specifically. I will be working extra hard to get as many done as possible, and will be putting more emphasis on the ink and color finishing than the drawing request portions of the stream. 

The Halloween emotes and merch items are going away end of today, and making way for some fun items for November! Look for that to go live over the next couple of days!!!

I'll be back 12pmET (noon) tomorrow - whatever the current Eastern Time is. Our time doesn't roll back till the weekend. So plan accordingly! 
See you tomorrow for all the upgrades. 

And thanks again for a great October and Halloween!! 

Everything got turned to a necroplasmic green for halloween

Todays halloween stream had about 3 to 4 giveaways unlocked by supporters! Thank you guys!

And of course we got lots of epic draws done!

See you tomorrow ( next month )
Same drawing time, same drawing channel
Only at !


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