Stream Notes: A strange but fun week 102618

October 26, 2018



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As of this post, all art sent! So ends a strange but fun week of Drawing Request Show! It was a short week though it didn't feel like it. As everyone was getting ready to head to TwitchCon I was taking Monday off to spend the day with my wife for our anniversary, then Tuesday and Wednesday I did Drawing Request Show but was having trouble finding my groove. Wednesday I was a bit off I was a bit tired for some reason, it turns out i had sinus issues creeping up on me once again. Cause Wednesday night through Thursday morning I started having sinus swelling and discomfort and then woke up with sinus headaches Thursday morning and ended up canceling the stream. Though I was not up to streaming and being a good stream host, I did knuckle down and take care of some work I needed to do anyways. I was able to prepare and launch the PreSale for Best Of Request Volume Two - available now over in the EWG Shop! I was also able to update the master list and get a recent book order of BoR Volume One ready to ship as well. I did a bunch of other stuff that escapes me right now and generally worked on recovering and getting well so I could stream today. To make up for it I streamed for 6 hours today instead of 4, especially since we had a good number of priority requests come up today. Ironically, as Halloween approaches next week, I enjoyed a couple Christmas requests today. I am noticing though, and appreciating, that people are trying to give me holiday related requests early so I have plenty of time to get the art done for the holiday. That helps a lot so thanks to all who are doing that. There 3 or 4 upgraded pieces that I need to get done for Wednesday that I'll be pushing to front of the line between now and then. And overall the stream went really well and I look forward to getting back to it next week. Have a fantastic rest of your Friday, and a great and safe weekend and I'll see everyone back Same Drawing Time, Same Drawing Channel!

See you Monday!

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