EWG presents: ewDRAWS! on Twitch!

November 29, 2018

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Eryck Webb Graphics is proud to announce a new show premiering on the Eryck Webb Twitch channel: ewDRAW!  We'll be launching this show on Twitch 12pmEST over at twitch.tv/eryckwebb  friday 11/30/18 as part of a special subscriber themed day! 

The Eryck Webb Twitch channel is known for Drawing Request Show, the flagship of the channel. Eryck has long wanted a separation between different activities and content on this channel but without sacrificing the overall brand and functionality. Now seemed like the perfect time to make an official addition to the channel. 

Everything about subscribing to this channel as a whole, donating to the channel and even giveaways being unlocked when we hit support goals will continue exactly the same way. Whats different, is the name, and the content. We're hoping this will create a distinct different direction for the stream depending on which show is streaming, but also remain all inclusive under the umbrella channel. Drawing Request Show is a well oiled commission machine catering to people looking for personalized artwork or art for hire. ewDRAW! will focus more on Eryck's personal artwork, or community based projects not centered around requests or commissions. These projects will be bigger, more ambitious, and more geared towards Erycks creative exploration and inspirations.

It's a new entity, and will develop over time, but kicking off the new addition to the channel on the last 'Sub Day' ( held last day of every month except New Years Eve) of the year seemed like the way to go. Over time this new show will develop its own unique sub perks for the crEW, and a definitive schedule, and perhaps even its own emotes and merch items.

For now, we hope you will join us 12pmEST Friday 11/30/18 for the premier of this show on the Eryck Webb Twitch channel, and be sure to checkout the subscriber collage illustration we're kicking off the show with. 
For now, ewDRAW! will be only by announcement - usually on evenings or weekends - but the hope is to eventually lock down a more consistent schedule and make this addition a regular occurrence as we head into 2019! 

See you at the stream! 12pmEST only on Twitch!
( twitch.tv/eryckwebb )

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