Stream Notes: Subscribers 2018 Collage Drawing -- Novembers a wrap!!

November 30, 2018

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Thank you for a great day of marathon drawing madness. We even got some giveaways and some thank you sketches for re-subs and new subs in along side this colossal piece! 

This is every single sub that is currently subbed to my channel right now. We got every single one in there. All 59. Including me, Kiwi and Wally as the last touch on the giant DRS ship at top back. Thank you to everyone for their support, and for coming out and checking out this drawing. 

When this piece is complete, it'll be offered for purchase as a hi quality print and also digitial download in the ewSHOP! The plan is to provide a hires print of the original sketch drawing ( shown above ), the finished inks and the finished colored piece. Those interested can order a copy of the finished print or purchase the hires digital files and print their own. 

The premier stream of ewDRAW was a success, and I plan to do more of them in the future. As for this piece, look for another ewDRAW stream to be announced for an evening or two next week to start inking and eventually coloring this piece!! 

I feel like Drawing Request Show finally is hitting its stride and it seemed like a great time to introduce a new show/ stream-type to the channel. I announced today I have plans and ideas for other show types as well. Two being Draw-Fu - an educational drawing school type stream, and the other being ewGAMES ( working title ) where I play fast paced and exciting action and skill games that are for the most part largely underrated. 

Thank you everyone for your subs, your support and enjoying the channel this year. This also marks the last 'sub day' of the year. Onward to December, and the new year!!

I'll be working hard on some new goodies for December and to carry us through the winter season after the new year. Stay tuned!!! See you when Drawing Request Show returns Monday, and stay tuned for announcement of the next ewDRAW!!

Have a great weekend!

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