No Stream today - Be Back Tuesday 12/4!

December 3, 2018

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I saw somebody on twitter talk about how they couldn't draw horses. Then somebody about how they couldn't draw people. Then somebody mentioned centaurs. And I like drawing snowmen this year for some reason. So Above is my warm-up sketch/ daily sketch i did this morning.... yep.

Sorry to say to the crEW and the rest of yew, there is no stream today! I've been maxing out all weekend and am absolutely dragging today. I spent since I went offline on my stream on Friday till late last-night fine tuning the stream and getting new branding setup all around the EWG websites for the holidays and for winter and at the same time have been tackling some large rush orders for a prominent client/supporter/friend that needed a special-case rush job done. I've been pushing to get 6 multi character pieces done plus a 7th simpler piece by Monday - and I was up late each night all weekend trying to make that happen around in-house branding/ stream updates. Today "all" i have to do is final lighting/ rendering and stuff that will take most of the afternoon, but I'll be happy to have met my initial promised turnaround.

I was burnt out and non-functional this morning and had no illusions about being ready to stream by noon or even being able to run a stream properly. So I'm taking the day to put finishing touches on that special client rush and in general recuperate and be ready to hit it hard tomorrow morning. I thought I could do it all but I can not. So I'm concentrating on the rush job in place of the stream today instead of trying to do both and being up all night again, and will be ready to get back to streaming tomorrow! Sometimes one just needs to take a day. And I really did not rest at all over the weekend. 

See the crEW tomorrow for some Drawing Request action! If all goes right I might even make up for today by doing a longer stream tomorrow!

Stay tuned, and thanks for understanding!! 

In the meantime, there are many awesome streamers worth watching out there today! Dont just sit in my chat and wait for me... check these guys out and I'll see you Tuesday ( tomorrow ) - I might even start early :) 

Some ewCERTIFIED great creative streams:

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