sketchbook: ewSICK doodle

December 6, 2018

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Doodling around. not able to do much creative energy is not to high right now but mindlessly doodling away at a rough sketch or two keeps the brain busy. 

I really hate being sick. i want to work on that subscriber collage piece or even start/ work on a December holiday personal work and i cant even do that. i managed to squeeze out a few designs for the merch store yesterday but even that took 5x longer than it should have. 

I'll be back soon as i can. i miss the stream. i miss the crew. i miss drawing with all of yew. i hate being sick. enjoy that new merch. you don't have to wait for me to be live to buy some up. you probably want to grab an item if you want it by Monday to make sure you get it well before Christmas or whatever you celebrate.

In other news i got confirmation that the book printer was behind, but i should be getting the books on Saturday. so i may take off a day or two next week to take care of book orders.

Its that time of year folks. a big mishmash of holiday preparations and celebrations as we wrap up the year, and everything else that we add on top of that haha. 

Thanks for your patience, for your support and for being so trew of a crew. 

Be back as soon as i'm physically able. till then, i'll keep wandering aimlessly around the house in my pjs and blanket, and blowing my nose via my trusty toilet paper roll, and enjoying random sessions of staring off into space and losing track of times passing.

At least i get to watch other streamers i like and have plenty of hot coffee to get me through.

And pb n js.

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