Sketchbook: Snowman and The Yeti -- December Personal Art Sneak Peek

December 6, 2018

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Definitely not keeping a lid on this one. Well... heres a new reveal folks... this is about as far as I got with it, but heres the prelim for what I've thought up and come up with for my December personal art piece. I'm fighting a cold right now and its got my head feeling like a water balloon and my overall being achy and my energy and attention span about as low as the caloric content of artificial sweeteners. But i hashed this out till I needed to take a break. And theres some definite retooling i want to do when I'm feeling better and take a second stab at it. But I'm excited for this new personal artwork for December, holiday themed and related but not super holiday-ish. When I get it done it'll be available to own as a print and digital print download. 

Basicaly the idea is Snowman and The Yeti team up with an army of elves deployed by Mrs Clause to rescue Santa. The fate of the new year and the holiday cheer is at stake.... 

Sketched in sketchbook pro, slow and challengingly ( thats a word right ) with this cold, on samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 with wacom bamboo smart stylus 

Excited to work on it more. Fun idea if i do say so myself. I dunno, I could also be delirious from this cold. Might wake up tomorrow realize this isn't good at all. Haha, who knows.

Enjoying the Code Red tournament on twitch esportsarena and sippin coffee, sketching around on random stuff like this on my tablet when i feel the itch. Otherwise spacing out most of the time.

Ah sickness. How you vex me. 

Stay well all! Being sick is annoying. Yet strangely freeing. 

Nap time.

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