StreamNotes: 2018 Sub Collage Picture Inks

December 7, 2018

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I streamed from about noon Eastern Time to 5:00 eastern time ( about 5 hours and got a whole lot of inking done. On top of that we had a sub giveaway and even a couple resubs that got thank you doodles! 

So, heres what we did today. I got every single subscriber that was sketched in here back on November 30th inked and finished up. Thank you to everyone who supports me, and has subbed all year long, or since they subbed this year. I really appreciate you! If your not in this its just cause you werent a sub or resubbed/ subscribed live on that day. Thank you to those who are subbing and not in this picture as well!

So much fun! Next step, coloring this bad boy! But for now, I'll put it to rest. I'm expecting to get the shipment of Best Of Request Volume 2 today/ tomorrow and I will be putting it on assembly line mode soon as I get them. Quick sketch and sign in each, and package them up! Everything is ready for the books to arrive and get to turning them around to you guys, the awesome supporters who bought them. 

I'm still not 100% better. I'd say 95 or so. But if the piece on this post is any indication, thats not too bad at all. 

Have a great weekend, get that official ewSTREAM MERCH soon as possible so it gets there by Christmas. And I'll see everyone back next week! Stay tuned to this site, or @eryckwebb on twitter or facebook or intagram for updates and behind the scenes photos and posts of whats happening in the mill over the weekend!!

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