Stream Notes: Cold Will Postpone Streaming Till Further Update

December 5, 2018

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I am more sick than I was yesterday big time. I'm struggling and will be taking my time today doing a thing or two between napping and blowing my nose. But am in no way able to put on a good stream or really crank on any meaningful art. Creating takes energy, streaming and entertaining takes energy, and I just have none right now. So ewDRAW tonight and DRS this afternoon are canceled. The crEW should expect streams tomorrow and Friday to be canceled as well, and I will update if anything changes. Stay tuned to @eryckwebb on twitter for the most immediate updates and eryckwebbgraphics on facebook as well.

Thank you for understanding, and we'll pick up where we left off soon as this cold moves on. 
Have a great Wednesday, and rest of your week!! 

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