Stream Notes: Drawing Request Show 12418

December 4, 2018

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Above is all the art we got done today! Started with some epic snowman warm-up action, then did a bunch of sub sketches and a request for a winner of a sub giveaway. One of my favorites of the whole day was the Last Drawing Of The Stream featuring Rocket Raccoon single handedly taking out the Empire - storm troopers, tie fighters, star destroyers, imperial walkers and all. Fun stuff. Look forward to continuing that one. 

Today I had been struggling with a cold that caught up with me late yesterday. I didn't think this morning I'd be able to pull it together and put on a quality stream. But I did what I could, and the crEW really came in trEW and overwhelming with the love. Thanks so much guys. I am floored by the amount of gift subs, donations and bits cheered by you guys. It was totally unexpected!! I'm looking forward even more to revisiting that 50+ subscriber illustration tomorrow, 8pmEST on ewDRAW! stream to start inking! 

Congratulations to all the gift sub recipients, as well as all the giveaway winners! Look forward to drawing for everyone soon! One thing I did realize today, and will be changing starting next stream, is the gift sub situation. Every subscriber whether be by subscription purchase or using your amazon prime will get their thank you sketch there and then to thank them with some unique personalized art. But gift subbing will be a bit different. 

Today we had a dozen or so gifted individuals who when I went to do their thank you sketches they weren't present. It got me thinking that they get the emotes, the badges and the perks for a month. The gifter should be the one to get the thank you sketch. Going forward starting next stream, that will be the case. The random lurkers that are gifted get the hat, the emote ( s) and the perks whenever they want to request or win a request. The person gifting gets the thank you sketch. They will get 1min of thank you sketch per person gifted in a single gifting session. No limit on repeat gifting sessions for now. 

See folks tomorrow 12pmEST noon ( high noon baby ) for more Drawing Request Show action! I'm hoping I dont feel worse than I did today. At the least I'll deploy the ewDRAWBOT to take over streamer duties. Also, dont forget, 8pmEST tomorrow is ewDRAW! a personal art project/ creative stream that we launched last Friday. Going forward, ewDRAW! will be on Wednesday 8pmEST weekly unless otherwise noted.

Alright, thanks for watching, thanks for all the love today and continued support!
I'll do my best to return the favors! Especially when I ditch this cold!

Count on it!

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