Release: Best Of Request Volume 3 Production Officially Underway

January 4, 2019

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Its official, my new book Best Of Request Volume 3 production has begun! I know its not much to look at now, but the first steps are under way. As I post this morning, all these drawings from 2018 are being processed, formatted and skimmed for ones that won't go in the book. This is about 3000 drawings that will be whittled down to a couple hundred of the best to go into the 3rd volume of the series. 

The second volume was a daunting process. It was huge and it was the first year having so much more content from streaming and drawing for the crew full time. I expected to be apprehensive going into volume 3, but I'm not. I know what to expect and I have some ideas on improvements and changes to this book that the previous ones did not have. At the same time, it'll continue the series consistently and look great on a shelf with the other two. 

What content do you look forward to seeing in volume 3? What additions would you like to see that weren't in volume 1 or 2 ? 

Thanks to the fans who make this drawing dream possible. Have more development on this baby as it goes. 

Slated for preorder Spring 2019

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