Stream Notes: First Stream Week of 2019 is a wrap!

January 4, 2019

marvel and disney mashup of colossus and pumba aka Pumbalossus

80s hair rocker sword maiden

chibi angel colors

chibi of batman animated series clay face

chibi of batman animated series scarecrow

#drawing #pumba #disney #marvel #batman #elf #heavymetal #inkscape #wacom

As of this post, all art sent, and master list updated till Monday!!

Thank you for an amazing first week of Drawing Request Show for 2019! We had an encouraging week of drawing and excitement over the drawing, and welcomed a lot of new faces. Above are some favorite drawings from today's stream!

I generally sense an overall shift of the show format coming as the drawing requests whittle down and the upgrades pile up. But with all that work to do, you can be sure i'll be streaming each weekday working away in the mill to get your art orders. Some changes might have to be made regarding the demand, but all in all I really am overwhelmed and encouraged by the responses I've been getting in chat and the support the crew have been giving me as we embark on this new year.

Best Of Request Volume 3, a yearbook collection if you will of 2018's drawings is well under way and is slated for a spring 2019 release. I'll be working on that and more, while resting and regrouping over the weekend. I look forward to seeing everyone Monday through Friday next week, for more Drawing Request Show!!

Weekdays, 12pmEST only on twitch!

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