Stream Notes: Thanks for a fun Monday Stream!

January 7, 2019

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As of this post, all art sent and masterlist updated! Thanks for a fun day back after the weekend. Despite me being a little low energy due to a cold coming on, we got some drawing done and even this badass inked/ colored upgrade piece of witchblade vs lady death done! The requests ended 400pm but we went till about 530pm finishing this up for some bonus creative action getting the colors done on this piece. 

This will probably be more the format going forward. Maybe doing like a request or two between working on upgrade orders. Here are a few things to expect me to try out and maybe implement as the year goes on.

An idea in the works is that folks can get a request they purchase with inks and colors all at once depending on how they donate for it ( like say buy it all at once ). I'm working on some new rules on using tokens for upgrades soon, and maybe opening that back up.  Requests on this stream, like my commission based business, is an ever evolving fluid thing. Trends come and go and right now trends are leaning towards the ink and color upgrades. I'll keep following wherever it makes sense to go.

Other things in progress are updating the Giveaway scene to work better with the moobot app. Maybe even new kinds of giveaways or giveaway items. I also would like to incorporate some tutorial and tip segments into the stream. 

I plan on launching new emotes for use this year soon as I'm able. And updating the sub badges making them a little higher quality.

Other things in the works are some killer EW related designs for the merch shop. I've been creating various series of styles for shirts and other merch. I think they'll be a hit. Stay tuned, I've got some fun ideas coming in the new year.

Thanks everyone and see you tomorrow 12pmEasternTime for more Drawing Request Show!!

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