Stream Notes: Thanks for a great Thursday Stream!! Tired me out with this one!

January 10, 2019

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As of this post, all art sent! Get that masterlist updated in the morning. Thanks for a fun Thursday of streaming and creating! I wore myself out with this one. We had an impromptu session of ewDRAW! stream working on that Sub Collage drawing. We got some serious work done over 2-3 hours working on flat colors. Look for future ewDRAW! streams on the EryckWebb Twitch channel soon to continue the work on that piece!

Above are four of my favorite pieces from today's Drawing Request Stream! These also coincidentally happen to be four good examples of four different styles of drawing requests you can request if your a sub! The top left is done in Ink Sketch Style for Hamiltoons, the top right chibi is the normal pencil sketch drawing style everyone is used to, the bottom left is a new Clay Carving Style and the right is what it looks like when you take a request and ink it and get it colored. While I enjoy all the variety of requests I get for the most part, these 4 are my favorites from today.

So when I said I tired myself out today, its cause I streamed from 9am till about 5pm straight with a few short bathroom/ snack breaks. Havent streamed that long in a while haha. I'll see you all back tomorrow, Friday 1/11/19 at 12pm Eastern Time for more drawing action! Same drawing time. Same drawing channel!

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