DRS 2019 Highlights - Episode 6: Sauceiversary

February 10, 2019

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Highlights and recaps moments from Eryck Webb Graphic's Drawing Request Show, streamed live February 4th through February 8th. 

For time, not every drawing is present, but most of Eryck Webb's favorite requests are shown. 

This week was centered around the start of the 4th year of Drawing Request Show on Twitch! Since February 3rd 2016, EWG has been streaming on Twitch to aquire requests and commissions and creating them live for clients and supporters. Thanks to everyone who makes this possible. See you Monday, same Drawing Time, same Drawing Channel for more!!

More so, thanks to the original crew members, you know who you are... who are still here each week throwing requests at me and support. These individuals followed me to Twitch after I had been working for them off stream all together. Great to still be interacting with you to this day!

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Thank you to the CRew and the rest of Yew!!!

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