Sketchbook: Reimagining My OC Malcom

February 13, 2019

#malcom #character #duck #kangaroo #lizard #alien #originalcharacter #inkscape

A first attempt at and idea I had after stream today for a reimagining of my so far unused OC Malcom. The robot battling alien. I reimagined him with more DuckTales style proportions, his big round snout more like a duckbill but not actualy a duck bill. He still has the classic ears and tale, and still maintains an amphibious like skin texture. I like him being more cartoony in nature too and the belt and puches is a nice touch. Im digging these new take on his boots and gloves. I'm not sold on his clothing though, bt I do want to create something for him to actualy wear instead of the naked look he used to have. I do like the use of shape patterns on his garments to help make him look more alien or futuristic. Maybe do a short story with him soon or something. I like the more animated/ cartoon look for sure. Made for a fun cool down/ quick experiment at the end of my work day here.
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