Stream Notes: Eryck Webb Twitch Channel Passes 2000 Followers

March 29, 2019

#twitch #draw #creative #cheshire #cat #follows #milestone

Thank you to all the CRew and those who are new for all the follows that got us past our 2000 follow goal! It seems like only a few months ago I was trying for that first 1000. There's been a lot of new faces lately and its been really great meeting all of you! I am constantly saying that planet Twitch gets a little smaller every day. As it does, the communities blend and new friendships and chances for creative growth are formed. I feel like this threshold took a while to cross but we finally popped that bubble in the last few minutes of the last stream of this week. Big big thanks to all who helped bring over their communities to make it possible, and to the new faces I've enjoyed meeting and drawing for this week. Onward and upward as 2019 promises to continue to be one of the best stream years yet! Hope to see you at the next stream, live, M-F on Twitch!!

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