ewPRODUCTION: Aggretsuko Upgrade

June 19, 2019

#aggretsuko #rage #metal #commission #upgrade

Finally got a chance to watch the first episode of the new season of Aggretsuko. I was ear to ear smiling the whole time. Love that show, love that character. Love the tweaks they made to the season two intro and excited over all for more Retsuko action! Then I noticed on my morning backlog work I had an Aggretsuko fanart upgrade waiting to be finished. So that's what I'm working on this morning along with other upgrades. Look for the process video on the inks and colors of this piece on YouTube soon! But for now here's a peak at an Eryck Webb style Retsuko raging at her boss!

I learned from this, that searching for the Rage kanji on her forehead, its not a kanji for Rage. Its in fact a kanji for Retsu which means 'aggressive' or 'violent' etc. Cool beans.

See the CRew 1pmET today at twitch.tv/eryckwebb for drawing request stream action!

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