ewSKETCHBOOK: New Spen Brought Drawing On My Tablets Back To Life

June 20, 2019

Skull Bot n Bird - Autodesk Sketchbook, Samsung Galaxy Book 12 and Note 9 Spen

Space Zombie - Autodesk Sketchbook, Samsung Galaxy Book 12 and Note 9 Spen

Skully Goes To Work - Autodesk Sketchbook, Samsung Galaxy Book 12 and Note 9 Spen

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So, for months I've not really been using my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition, my first true drawing tablet for my art. Nor have I been using the Samsung Galaxy Book 12, my mobile work horse for unchaining me from my studio desk. Mainly this is because I have misplaced my Wacom Bamboo Smart stylus that I liked to draw with on both devices. I'll find it around the house somewhere eventually. Also the integrated Spen that came with the 10.1 was becoming unusable and showing its age or perhaps wearing out. I even recently played with cleaning its innards and putting a new tip on it and trying to get it working again. Its just made in a way where you cant get into it to replace anything and there's very little you can do once it starts getting unresponsive and "bad" for lack of a better way to describe it. 

So I took a chance after much research on a Galaxy Note 9 ( yep the phone Ninja promoted ) Spen. The cool yellow one with the clicky button on the end. They changed the thickness, probably for easier gripping, but its overall the exact same as any Spen before it. I'd say its an upgrade from the one the 10.1 came with as well. It feels more responsive, but like it has more pressure levels and even has intuitive tilt like any Wacom stylus device.

This pen has been great. It fit snugly into a bic ballpoint pen case, which I like putting my Spens inside for a couple reasons. This extends the length to a more natural size in the palm, it protects the buttons on the pen and finally makes it a more natural round grip for long drawing sessions.

It has gotten me back into drawing on my mobile devices, brought the 10.1 back to life and allowed me to get work done once again on the Galaxy book. I got the Galaxy book so I could get more work done and not necessarily be confined to my studio desk and its time to start paying for itself!

Anyways, I wanted to say, I can not recommend the Wacom technology based Samsung Spen technology enough. They give you a felt, soft plastic and hard plastic tip to choose from. It doesn't need charging ever. And you can even access additional features by clicking the button and bringing up Air Command on basically any samsung device. The Spen allows you to draw fine lines, pressure sensitive lines and even hold the pen sidewayz and sketch like you would with the side of a pencil or charcoal. 

Its brought life back to my mobile drawing, and most importantly, life back to my original ol' reliable 10.1. I'm particularly right now enjoying drawing with a brush in Autodesk sketchbook and then using the ballpoint pen to hatch in shading and texture rendering. There's something satisfying and therapeutic about shading that way and I will continue to play with that approach more. So you'll probably see more of that.

I noticed it really come alive when using Clip Studio Paint on the Galaxy Book, like it was made for it. I imagine any Adobe software that runs on Windows 10 would work great too.

So this is my overall follow up and review of my new Spen used on both an android Samsung 10.1 tablet and a Samsung Windows 10 PC Galaxy book 12 tablet.  Compare a refurbished any one of these, or even that new Tab4 S ( stands for Spen) and I believe its a better overall functionality and other value over any iPad and iPencil. Having said that, it's only how I feel and currently understand based on my internet observations and research. I have not actually used an iPad or iPencil. Though I can't imagine it'd much better.

Thanks for reading! Comment with any additional thoughts or questions in the comments below, or just leave an animated gif! I always like hearing what you all think, and will respond where I can!

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